Three Panels of the Triptych Foundation: Part 3 – Policy and Politics – Triptych Foundation

Public policy matters deeply to our cultural trajectory. In a representative democracy, we elect officials who build the policies which shape the contours of our daily lives. The Triptych Foundation isn’t a think tank, but we do engage in ideas and discussions that set an example for how we should approach our shared challenges as communities, states, and countries. 

While policy and politics clearly have an impact on our culture, it’s hard to argue that impact has been positive as of late. It’s outrage, antics, and emotion over substance, solutions, and cool heads. The Triptych Foundation is interested in the latter. We will take up political topics, point to others thinking creatively, and push back on half-baked political talking points. 

While the Triptych Foundation is non-partisan and doesn’t support or oppose candidates for office, we’re not without perspective. When given the choice between civil liberties and government structured society, we’ll align with the former even if it doesn’t always align with our personal perspectives. It’s a view heavily influenced by America’s founding principles. Most importantly, we’ll always be more curious than dogmatic. Where others disagree with us, we welcome the challenge because it helps us improve some ideas and discard others.  

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