Three Panels of the Triptych Foundation: Part 2 – Business – Triptych Foundation

It’s easy to forget the impactful role that business plays in society, but it’s a space where we regularly engage other people. How we interact at work is every bit as important as what we produce. The Triptych Foundation supports businesses that focus on character as a central theme of their operations. Whether it’s a capital investment partner, highlighting best practices, or providing corporate mentors, we want to lift up businesses who take care of their employees, instill virtue, and simultaneously turn a profit.

For one reason or another, we’ve reached a cultural moment where too many of us believe that businesses ought to be morally ambivalent. That’s a bad idea. While we have a number of workplace discrimination protections, none of them apply to developing character while engaging the marketplace. Virtues such as honesty, self-control, patience, and courage benefit businesses and society as a whole. 

By finding opportunities to support businessmen and women who care about the communities they live in as well as the bottom line, the Triptych Foundation helps to lift up free markets as a significant agent of positive social change. 

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