Three Panels of the Triptych Foundation: Part 1 – Media – Triptych Foundation

Now more than ever, media shapes culture. From cable news and social media to movies and television, a myriad of voices constantly tells us what to think, feel, and do. The Triptych Foundation engages that space in a way that builds character as we laugh, learn, cry, and dream. 

Our phones, televisions, and computers render us perpetual content consumers. That trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. As a result, our media diet is inextricably linked to our character as individuals and as a society. 

Media has the power to bring us together, give us something to discuss, and provide heroes which model virtues we’d like to promote. We identify with characters far more than most of us would like to admit. Who doesn’t remember when Jessie Spano tripped out on caffeine pills on Saved by the Bell? Did anyone not get chills when William Wallace screamed “Freedom!” in Braveheart

Regrettably, media also has the capacity to prey on our darker impulses. Whether it’s destructive views about love and sex or fomenting outrage at our politics, the cacophony of negative voices leads us down a path to a future we do not want. We’re already seeing and feeling the exhausting impact of the endless barrage of audiovisual input. Our society increasingly resembles a twitching junkie looking for the next fix. 

Thankfully, we have a choice. The Triptych Foundation supports media projects and voices that entertain and encourage us at the same time. We’re not looking to preach. We simply believe we share common virtues that ought to be reinforced in the content we create. 

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