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It’s easy to forget the impactful role that business plays in society, but it’s a space where we regularly engage other people. How we interact at work is every bit as important as what we… Last week, I had coffee with Jill. The conversation moved to the painful life experiences which shape us. “There was this one boy,” she said, “who pushed me in the hallway and called me fat.”… This is an opinion column When Susan inquires about Aslan, the lion king in C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, she’s concerned about the prospect of meeting the great beast. “Is he—quite… Watching the stone seal Jesus’s tomb must have been devastating to those who believed in Him. In that moment, who among them could believe Jesus’s prediction that he would overcome the grave? Lately, many of… We should do everything in our power to increase legal voting in America. The political consequences shouldn’t sway us against that goal if we’re a nation whose leaders are indeed selected by “we the people.”… From the clothes we wear to sports we play and even the words we use, gender continues to play a massive role in American society. At present, our legal and policy approach is on a… Public policy matters deeply to our cultural trajectory. In a representative democracy, we elect officials who build the policies which shape the contours of our daily lives. The Triptych Foundation isn’t a think tank, but… Most of us have no idea what we really want out of politics. Fuming with outrage, we vent our emotions into the digital void. The cathartic moment evaporates, and we’re left with the sinking feeling… As my older two sons took turns reading chapters out of Deuteronomy, my father listened, but I could tell he was somewhere else. His face displayed a kind of emotion I don’t usually see. When… Now more than ever, media shapes culture. From cable news and social media to movies and television, a myriad of voices constantly tells us what to think, feel, and do. The Triptych Foundation engages that… Our political language frequently fails to assist us in solving real problems. Instead of saying what we mean, we default to the accepted words and phrases in discussions. For example, too many pundits and politicians… Fearing that the earth was about to be “recycled,” 39 Heaven’s Gate cultists ceremoniously killed themselves in 1997 hoping their souls might hitch a ride on a spacecraft following the Hale-Bopp comet. They left a… President Joe Biden is pushing to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 as part of another COVID-19 relief package. Republicans have sounded the alarm, and Democrats don’t see why their political counterparts refuse to… The other night, a few of my friends were shocked to learn I did not believe the presidential election was stolen. These are savvy professionals who aren’t about to dress like buffalo and attack the… I remember sitting on Bill Primm’s concrete porch drinking a Coke as the sun set. After a hard day of hauling hay, I asked the American Airlines-mechanic-turned-farmer a question about cattle. I don’t recall the… As my sons stared at the pencil protruding from the sheetrock wall, their mushy-brained machinations led them to believe they could lessen any ensuing punishment by microwaving marshmallows and using the sticky mess to fill… For more than a decade serving in and around politics, I believed that America’s governmental institutions–properly equipped with good ideas and reasonable people–would lead our nation towards prosperity while protecting our critical civil liberties. The… After my brother’s suicide nearly two decades ago, my parents stashed our family photographs in a hot upstairs closet where they’ve remained neglected ever since. Tragic loss shades even our most beautiful memories. I don’t… If everyone were actually as patriotic and morally upright as they considered themselves, we’d be in a very different place in America. Acknowledging our flaws and the complex nature of the problems we face is… As children, my siblings and I, along with a few kids from the neighborhood, ended our family gardening season with a tomato battle. After a few nicely placed welts, we found the green ones hurt… We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies.

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