The Challenge

Our culture lacks the shared values it once held, undermining the power of a trusting, cooperative society.

We are becoming a nation with colossal divisions, lack of purpose, and no identity.

Americans are worried about the declining level of trust citizens have in each other

% of U.S. adults who believe…

Too little confidence in each other79%
It’s harder to solve the country’s problems70%
Level of trust has been shrinking64%
Very important that trust be improved58%

An Effective Response

The Triptych Foundation promotes a virtuous society through investments in media and business laying the foundation for sound cultural leadership.

That’s a lot to unpack.

The Triptych Foundation supports a virtuous society. Virtue isn’t as vague a concept as it might seem. It’s moral excellence. There isn’t one specific checklist, but we recognize common characteristics across faith backgrounds, race, and political affiliation. Love, justice, peacefulness, self-control, and honesty are just a handful of examples.

Virtue doesn’t exist in the knowing but rather in practice. As such, we must repeatedly demonstrate character in business, media, and the halls of our governments. That’s where Triptych Foundation comes in.

We make program-related investments into media projects such as television, independent movies, social media influencers, and writers that are culturally impactful, high quality, and commercially successful. These investments provide demonstrations of virtue and hopefully encourage others along the way.

As we grow, we’ll make similar investments into businesses such as startups and growing companies while providing mentors to help them expand operations, lead their employees well, and instill virtue in the workplace.

Where those investments find success, we’ll use the proceeds to make more mission-aligned investments and, in the process, we’ll lead our culture in a better direction.

We know. It’s an audacious project. We’re aware that our cultural trajectory seems off the rails right now. We also can’t succeed by ourselves. Whether it’s donating resources, engaging communities, or being a mentor for a growing project, we’re looking for partners willing to contribute and share in the vision for a better tomorrow.

Our future is worth the effort, and we’d like to have you on the journey with us.




Cameron Smith

CEO, Triptych Foundation

Cameron Smith recently served as the Executive Director of the House Republican Policy Committee in Washington, D.C. Prior to that, he provided counsel to Governor Bill Lee as part of the governor-elect’s policy transition team.

He has also worked on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee and served as an executive and general counsel with several nonprofits focused on shaping free-market public policy, defending religious liberty, and promoting common sense in politics.

Cameron brings a strong communications background to the foundation having served as a columnist for the Birmingham News, a regular presence on talk radio, and a contributor on cable news. His work has appeared in outlets such as Fox News, USA Today, New York Times, and National Public Radio.

He lives with his wife, Justine, and their three sons in Nolensville, TN, where he grows heirloom tomatoes, coaches youth sports, and tinkers with small engines.


David Carter

Board Member

David Carter is the Chief Revenue Officer and partner at Twelvestone Health Partners, Inc. Since 2016, he has grown the company to an annualized revenue in excess of $72 million. Prior to joining Twelvestone, Carter was the managing partner of private equity company, CV&M Holdings, which managed over $50 million in assets. His corporate career has included roles as a Regional Vice President at Comcast managing $1.2 billion in revenue and Vice President of AT&T Broadband in Nashville.

Carter is also a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel with 5 years active duty and 15 years in the Guard/Reserve. He has multiple combat tours. He has been married to his wife Carly for 33 years and has a son, Clarke Carter, who is a staff accountant with American Blue Ribbon Holdings in Nashville.

Taya Kyle

Board Member

Taya Kyle is a mother of two young adults who inspire and amaze her. She is a woman after God’s heart and endeavors to carry on the legacy of her late husband Chris Kyle, while also creating a legacy of her own. Many people know Chris as the American Sniper from his internationally best-selling book American Sniper and Academy Award nominated movie by the same name.

Chris was killed by someone he was trying to help in 2013. After his death, Taya became a NY Times best-selling author with American Wife. In an effort to help buoy the spirit of others who face hardships, Taya co-wrote American Spirit – a collection of true stories of other Americans who have done great things with some of the worst parts of life. She has been a contributor and activist for various efforts and through a variety of other outlets.

Taya serves as the Executive Director of Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation- Service Family Strong formerly known as the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, where the mission is to serve God, Country and service families. When service families are not just surviving, but thriving, suicide rates decrease, effective PTS treatment increases, force retention and readiness also go up.

Taya’s newest projects releasing this year and next, include a children’s book series called Prayers for Bears, Warrior Collections jewelry line for life warriors who continue to stand strong for God. Taya is also working on two television projects where she hopes to help inspire others.

Lee Turley

Board Member

Lee G. Turley is an independent investor with expertise in the real estate, equities, and collectable car markets. He loves to nerd out on financing structures and market trend analysis. Lee is a life-time entrepreneur and against-thegrainer. His soul longs for healing in the consumer society, and he seeks to lead others away from the “buy, use, and move on” culture

He lives in Nashville with his wife Jessie and two young daughters. He plays with cars, travels with his family, and invests in deep, meaningful relationships.

Derek Waltchack

Board Member

Derek Waltchack is an urban revitalization expert and partner at Shannon Waltchack, a full service real estate firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. He put his initial stamp on downtown Birmingham in 2010 with commercial development near the city’s new Railroad Park, spearheading a $4.5 million renovation that transformed a 100-yearold warehouse into a cutting-edge business center known as Railroad Square. A recent article in The New York Times lauded the progress in downtown Birmingham, featuring Derek as a key player.

Since founding Shannon Waltchack in 2005, Derek and his partners have grown their portfolio from $25 million to $275 million.

Derek is a subject matter expert on Bitcoin, Blockchain and how those technologies are impacting the economy in general and commercial real estate specifically. In his free time, Derek maintains a chestnut tree farm, keeps bees and grows pumpkins. Derek and his wife, Rushton, and their six children attend Covenant Presbyterian Church.

Carlos Whittaker

Board Member

Carlos Whittaker is a best selling author and self professed hope dealer. He speaks at some of the largest churches and businesses in the country and at conferences including the Orange Conference, Catalyst, MomCon, and many others. A People’s Choice Award winner and social media maven, he is also the author of Moment Maker, Kill the Spider, and Enter Wild. Carlos runs 3 large online coaching communities with over 20,000 members covering physical, spiritual, and mental health.

Carlos lives with his wife, Heather, and their three children in Nashville.